The future is finally here

October 21, 2015 was a seemingly normal day. Die-hard fans had been preparing for it for 30 years. Most only heard about it the day of. It was Back to the Future Day. The day when Marty McFly travels to October 21, 2015 from 1985 in “Back to the Future Part II.”

bttfd infographic

Articles exploded all over the internet as the news spread.


Among them were lists of things the film predicted correctly about the future, like this article from CNN.

But some people were really upset that some of the technology depicted in the movie has yet to be created, especially the hover board.

The topic was trending on social media all day and over the past week. The Facebook page “October 21, 2015 – Back to the Future Day” more than doubled its likes to over 97 thousand in the week leading up to the day.

The page was updated hourly in preparation for the exact time the characters traveled to, 4:29 pm.

At Universal Studios Orlando, fans flocked to see Doc Brown and his DeLorean roaming the streets of 2015.

The famous DeLorean used in the Back to the Future films, as seen at Universal Studios Orlando.

The famous DeLorean used in the Back to the Future films, as seen at Universal Studios Orlando.

In this article from, Steve Fox writes, “When the film opened, nobody knew that the fanbase would be this strong three decades later and turn into a timeless cult classic franchise. Even with no reaming ‘Back To The Future – The Ride’ attractions left in either of the two stateside parks (Universal Studios Japan has the last operational attraction), there’s no shortness on the love associated with this film.”

Ultimately, it was a once in a lifetime day, and everyone was sad to see it go.

I guess that means it’s the future now.


Orlando Atheist Accused of Attacking ‘Jesus’ Roommate


Huffington post writes an article about an Orlando atheist who allegedly attacked his roommate because he looked like Jesus. Gustav Potthoff attacked his roommate Raymond Hernandez with a knife and class cup on Monday. The police report says that Hernandez was getting a drink of water in the kitchen when Potthoff suddenly threw the glass at him. When it missed, Potthoff attacked him with the butter knife instead. Hernandez avoided injury through both attacks. He told police that Potthoff apparently told him that he looked like Jesus. Because Potthoff is such a strong atheist, he was offended by this. 

When Potthoff was questioned, he changed his story several times, saying that he was in several different locations. However, police did find the broken cup in the kitchen, which has been collected as evidence. Potthoff is now in Orange County Jail. He demanded a lawyer who was also an atheist. However, this request was denied, and the judge said that this would need to be payed for under his own money. Clearly Potthoff is a little off his rocker, considering this wasn’t his first run-in with the law. In May 2013, he reported a fake bomb threat, because he felt his family and attorneys would not leave him alone.

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Last Classic Corvette Recovered From Kentucky Sinkhole

A sinkhole in Bowling Green, Kentucky left eight classic corvettes from The National Corvette Museum unrecognizable, according to this Huffington Post article. The 40-foot-wide-by-60-foot-deep sinkhole occurred in mid-February while the museum was closed, so nobody was injured. However, it is estimated that the damages to the eight corvettes total over one million dollars, and many of the cars cannot be repaired. The last of the cars, a 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 Corvette, was pulled from the sinkhole on Wednesday. The other cars that fell into the sinkhole include a a 1962 black Corvette, a 1993 ZR-1 Spyder, a 1984 PPG Pace Car, a 1992 White 1 Millionth Corvette, a 2009 white 1.5 Millionth Corvette, a 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil and a 1993 Ruby Red 40th Anniversary Corvette. Two of these cars were on loan from General Motors. Most of the six others were donations from individuals, including the 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06, which was donated in December by Kevin Helmintoller, of Land O’ Lakes, Fla.

Monte Doran, a spokesman for Chevrolet, says that it will be difficult to determine which cars will be worth restoring. The damaged cars will be on display in another section of the museum until August, when the repairs will be made. However, restoring the cars with all new parts may jeopardize the integrity of the classic cars. Even cars they decide not the repair will continue to be displayed. “I’m sure that we’ll continue to display them as is. It’s now a part of museum and Corvette history,” museum spokeswoman Katie Frassinelli said. “It’s interesting to people. They aren’t going into storage somewhere.”

14-year-old Boy Finds 1,000 Year Old Remains in Backyard

This NBC news article occurs in Salt Lake City, where 14-year-old Ali Erturk was digging a trout pond in his backyard when he stumbled across what looked to him to be an animal bone. However, when he looked at it closer, it was a human skull. The valley he lives in is said to have been populated by Native Americans for up to 10,000 years in the past. A forensic anthropologist will look at the remains and try to determine the sex and the cultural origin of the human. The remains will then go to the tribe that claims them, where they will perform internment rites. 

There have been several other cases of ancient Native American burials found in the area. Typically, the state of Utah receives about six cases of ancient remains each year, so this does not come as a surprise to anyone. Even Erturk wasn’t particularly shocked, and was quoted saying, “I really do think there’s other bones nearby, and I don’t think that it’s that unlikely or that lucky that I stumbled across this.” I think it’s very cool that these remains were found in his backyard. I can’t imagine coming across anything like this at the age of 14. 

Chicken Beauty Pageants

Malaysian chicken

Malaysian chicken

NBC’s article about chicken beauty pageants features Ernest Goh, a photographer and visual artist from Singapore. He believes Malaysia’s Ayam Serama chickens are “supermodels of the chicken world”. He recently published a book dedicated to the beauty of the chickens. They apparently love to strut their stuff on the runway, and have a very prideful and distinctive walk. In Malaysia, chicken beauty pageants are very popular. Goh discovered the amazing, if not somewhat unusual, practice while travelling through Malaysia and was interested in how animals seem to act like humans. This stemmed into a photography project of the chickens modelling. The chickens are extensively groomed the day before the competition. The day of, they stand on a table and experts judge them based on their feathers, their walks, and other qualifications. Goh said it was fascinating that “the Serama’s natural behavior is like a human fashion model when it ‘performs’ on stage”. 

Goh is a strong believer that humans tend to care for animals they find beautiful. So he thinks that if humans can learn to see more animals as beautiful, more species will be cared for and our natural resources will be protected. I agree with his philosophy. Although he was mainly talking about chickens, I think this can also apply to other animals. The chickens are just one of many species that humans respect and take pride in, even if it is through something as weird as a fashion show. 

Apartment Clerk Mistakes Corpse For April Fools Prank

This article from the Huffington Post talks about an apartment complex in St. Pete. According to an article in Ronald Benjamin, a 61-year-old desk clerk at Peterborough Apartments in St. Pete, mistook a woman’s corpse for an April Fool’s Day joke. The corpse was a 96-year-old resident of the apartment complex that committed suicide earlier that morning by jumping off her 16th floor balcony. Benjamin was on a smoking break at 4:30 a.m. when he saw the body and thought it was fake. He said it looked like a rubber Halloween mask. He enlisted two people delivering the newspaper to help him throw the body into the dumpster. It wasn’t until 8:00 a.m. that a maintenance worker for the apartment, Johnny Williams, found the body in the dumpster and called the police. When they investigated, they found a suicide note and the stool she used to climb over the balcony in the woman’s apartment. The woman’s identity will not be released until her family is notified of her death. All the residents were shocked and upset at the loss of the woman, who had lived there for 20 years. They all thought she seemed happy there. Charges won’t be filed against Benjamin because detectives sincerely believe that he thought it was a fake corpse. Nonetheless, he was fired from his position of nine years.

Even though this story sounds weird at first, it’s actually pretty sad. I can’t believe that the old woman committed suicide in the first place. The fact that Benjamin mistook the corpse for fake in the first place is crazy, but the fact that three other people also saw the corpse and didn’t realize it was real is just shocking. Also the fact that this happened in St. Pete is a little unsettling.





This set of eight photos, taken by yours truly, are about a rainy day. The subject of these pictures is the pair of rain boots. All the pictures focus on them instead of the person wearing them. I feel that this adds a unique perspective to the images and heightens the feeling of a rainy day. The pictures begin and end in the same way, at the door, which leads the story in a circle and adds a sense of closure.



Saturday was a rainy day for The University of South Florida in Tampa. The water tower on campus is visible here. Photo credit Lauren Strickland.




The rain boots exit the building and go out into the rain. Photo credit: Lauren Strickland.




The sidewalks around USF are wet and full of puddles. Photo credit: Lauren Strickland.




The rain boots splash in puddles left on the sidewalk. Photo credit: Lauren Strickland.




The bridge over the pond in Simmon’s Park at USF is a beautiful place in the rain or shine. Photo credit: Lauren Strickland.




Rain boots are perfect to walk through the grass and keep feet dry. Photo credit: Lauren Strickland.




After a fun time outside in the rain, the rain boots head back inside where it’s dry. Photo credit: Lauren Strickland.




The rain boots and umbrella are set by the door to dry after the venture outside. Photo credit: Lauren Strickland.


New Record For Backwards Bowling

This Huffington Post article talks about Andrew Cowen from Rockford, Illinois who recently set the record for the highest score of backwards bowling. He scored a 280, which is only 20 points away from a perfect game of 300. Getting this score involves getting a strike in each of the first nine frames and three strikes in the tenth frame. Most people will never get anywhere close to this feat in their lifetimes. In the video that is provided with the story, Cowen is shown bowling backwards with his famous technique. It shows a certain twist move he does with his hand at the end. When asked if this was painful for his hand, he said it wasn’t any more painful than bowling normally. He beat out the previous World Record Holder, James Cripps, who bowled at 278 in 2006.

I think that this is just insane. I’m terrible at bowling in the first place, but I’d be lucky to break 100. Even people I know who are pretty good at bowling have never gotten a 280 bowling forwards. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to bowl backwards. Without being able to see where the pins are, how would someone even hit them all? This is just amazing to me. I definitely think this man deserves to hold the title for the Guinness World Record.

Three Missouri Elephants Escape From Circus

Image: Elephants escape the Shrine Circus at the Family Arena in St. Charles, Mo.

This NBC news article talks about how three elephants from near St. Louis, Missouri escaped from the Moolah Shrine Circus and wreaked havoc, causing damage to several cars. The animals escaped on Saturday afternoon around 5 p.m. They damaged several cars and trucks in the parking lot before being captured again. No one was injured. The animals escaped during a performance and went out the back of the arena into a parking lot where many circus employee cars were parked. Although there weren’t any injuries, several people were shocked to see elephants roaming around the parking lot. 

I know, I for one, would be shocked and probably a bit frightened to see elephants outside the circus. To me, it would seem like the circus could not contain their animals and may actually cause me to think they were less credible. However, I’m glad they got the elephants under control. It’s a good thing they didn’t injure anyone or cause any real, lasting damage to anything besides a few cars. Things could have easily gone worse than they did. The article made it sound that they were caught in a safe and timely manner, which is good.

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Burrito Bomber

This CNN article talks about a new invention by two engineers, Yoni De Beule and John Boiles. It’s a drone that delivers burritos. It started in Sunnyvale, California, and the men expect to have it deliver across the nation soon. Customers will theoretically be able to order their burrito on a mobile app, and have the drone deliver it through GPS coordinates. The falling burritos each have individual parachutes that help them land softly. Despite the fact that the burrito bomber must still be launched by hand, after that, it flies itself. Although it is currently only a prototype, De Beule and Boiles are working hard to get it able to deliver. Federal Aviation Administration guidelines on unmanned aircrafts are still hindering the ability to use the burrito bomber, for now. They will be reevaluated in 2015 and then, the Burrito Bomber may be able to deliver burritos.

Other food drones have been proposed in the past. There is a fairly popular one on Youtube of a Dominoes pizza being delivered through the air. However, none have actually come as far as the burrito bomber so far. I admire the hard work and dedication of these two engineers, and this technology could make it a lot easier for delivery of everything, not being limited to food.