My name is Lauren Strickland and I am a mass communications student at the University of South Florida. I am currently a sophomore in the advertising sequence in the program. I have tried blogging in the past, although the few blogs I made never really amounted to anything and I eventually stopped writing for them. I am not a very avid user of social media. I do not have a Twitter, Vine or Instagram, and I rarely use my Facebook account. I do, however, frequently use Tumblr. I also have a Pinterest which I occasionally use, though not as often as Tumblr. These accounts are for personal use and can somewhat relate to real blogging such as this website.

On this blog, titled “The Weird World” I’ll be posting about news articles that are interesting or odd in some way. Many major news sources such as ABC, Huffington Post, National Geographic and NBC have special sections dedicated to weird news, and these will be my main sources for this blog. The link for National Geographic’s Weird News page can be found here. On my RSS feed, I subscribed to some well-known news sources in order to see recent and popular news stories. These include CNN, National Geographic and Huffington Post Weird News.

Huffington Post Weird News home page

Huffington Post Weird News home page

I look forward to writing about the weird news of the world, and thank you for reading!


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