Rare Iguanas Hidden in Socks Found by UK Customs


NBC World News provided an article about thirteen rare iguanas that were being smuggled into Germany from the Bahamas by two Romanian women. The women hid the rare San Salvadorian Rock Iguanas in socks in a suitcase coming out of the Bahamas. They were intercepted by UK customs officers. All but one of the animals survived the journey, though they were all severely dehydrated, and they are now under the care of a specialist vet. According to Grant Miller, head of the Border Force of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), “This particular species of iguana is incredibly rare, only a few hundred are believed to be left in existence.” I find it interesting that these women were trying to smuggle iguanas into Germany. People don’t usually easily get away with smuggling illegal things into other countries, especially not animals. It doesn’t seem smart to me that they kept them in socks halfway around the world without giving them any food or water. Putting them into socks is a strange way of transportation in the first place. This article definitely falls under the realm of weird news, and this one involves multiple countries. Weird things happen all over the world.


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