Woman Gives Birth in New York City Crosswalk

This article entitled “Woman Gives Birth in New York City Crosswalk” from ABC’s weird news really captures the hustle and bustle style of New York, and certainly falls under the realm of weird. This woman, who was unnamed in both the article and video, had her newborn baby girl on a Manhattan sidewalk on Monday afternoon. She left her building to catch a cab to the hospital when she realized she was going into labor. However, she wasn’t able to get a cab in time, even with the help of the doorman. So, she got to the ground and delivered her baby there. Passersby helped her until police and paramedics showed up. Most notably, one woman offered her coat for the newborn infant. The woman who gave birth then made her daughter’s middle name Isabelle, after the other woman who gave her coat and then continued through the streets of New York with only a t-shirt on. I think the kindness of strangers was a big point in this article, no matter how weird. I find it very interesting that so many people stopped to help this woman who most likely looked very strange, sprawled out on the ground. To me it seems weird that she wouldn’t have just gone back into the building when she realized she wasn’t going to make it to the hospital. This certainly seems preferable to the cold ground outside. But either way, she got the help she needed and both she and her newborn are doing well. The world is a weird place.

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