This set of eight photos, taken by yours truly, are about a rainy day. The subject of these pictures is the pair of rain boots. All the pictures focus on them instead of the person wearing them. I feel that this adds a unique perspective to the images and heightens the feeling […]

New Record For Backwards Bowling

This Huffington Post article talks about Andrew Cowen from Rockford, Illinois who recently set the record for the highest score of backwards bowling. He scored a 280, which is only 20 points away from a perfect game of 300. Getting this score involves getting a strike in each of the first nine frames and three […]

Burrito Bomber

This CNN article talks about a new invention by two engineers, Yoni De Beule and John Boiles. It’s a drone that delivers burritos. It started in Sunnyvale, California, and the men expect to have it deliver across the nation soon. Customers will theoretically be able to order their burrito on a mobile app, and have […]

University of Florida Urinator

As a Gainesville resident, I heard about “The Urinator” from the alert system they have there and my family. I was curious to learn more details about him, so I found this article. His attacks started in late February near the University of Florida campus. The victims, all women, were standing with their backs turned […]

16th Century Rocket Cats

According to this article from NBC’s weird news, German drawings from around 1530’s depict cats and doves with jet packs strapped to their backs. These devices were supposed to be used to tactfully reach cities which couldn’t be easily penetrated otherwise. Although it does seem unusual that these animals would be outfitted with 20th-century technology, […]

Naples, Italy To DNA Test Dog Poop

According to this article¬†from Huffington Post Weird News, Naples is planning to perform DNA tests of dog poop left behind to determine who the pets belong to. This will help them improve accountability for not picking up after their pets. Once the owner is found, they will be fined 500 euros, which is equivalent to […]