16th Century Rocket Cats


According to this article from NBC’s weird news, German drawings from around 1530’s depict cats and doves with jet packs strapped to their backs. These devices were supposed to be used to tactfully reach cities which couldn’t be easily penetrated otherwise. Although it does seem unusual that these animals would be outfitted with 20th-century technology, Mitch Fraas, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, says that this is not the conclusion. He discovered that the manuals were written by artillery master Franz Helm of Cologne. Other depictions included terrifying images of shrapnel-filled bombs and spikes attached to cats and birds. He seemed very fixated on the idea of using animals in his overthrow of enemy cities. His plan was to take a cat from an enemy city, strap a bomb to its back, and hope it runs back to it’s home to destroy the city. Fraas remains skeptical however, and doesn’t think that this idea would be very effective, stating that it may be more likely that the cat would blow up your own territory instead. I have to agree with him. I think this plan, although maybe somewhat promising in theory, wasn’t thought out well enough at all and would most likely end up backfiring. Although, Fraas said he could find no evidence that animals were used in early warfare. So I guess Helm’s plans didn’t go through after all.


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