The Case of The Walmart Toe Sucker

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I think the title of this post alone is enough to categorize this Huffington post article as weird news. On Monday, a North Carolina man went to Walmart in order to suck on women’s feet.

As the first woman was looking at shoes in the store, the man approached her and asked her to try on several different pairs of shoes. He apparently convinced her that he was a podiatry student conducting research about the feet of different races. At some point during the process, her foot ended up in his mouth.

At the second Walmart he went to, which was 15 miles from the first, the man persuaded a shopper to take off her shoe, but once he requested that she also take off her sock, she left the store, according to detective Dennis Harris. The suspect has not been caught yet. 

I think this article might take the cake for the weirdest I have read so far while writing this blog. Sure there have been other weird news articles, but this is just insane. First of all, if you were going to harass women in a Walmart, I’m not sure that sucking their feet would be first on many people’s list. Either way, it certainly is weird.

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