University of Florida Urinator

Police say in a case too weird to make up, the so-called urinator is peeing on women, exposing himself and flee. They described him as black and in his 20s.

As a Gainesville resident, I heard about “The Urinator” from the alert system they have there and my family. I was curious to learn more details about him, so I found this article. His attacks started in late February near the University of Florida campus. The victims, all women, were standing with their backs turned when they suddenly felt they were being urinated on from behind. When they turned around, they found the man exposing himself. He would then run away on foot. Since the article was written there have been at least three other assaults, for a total of at least seven. The man still hasn’t been caught by the Gainesville Police Department. There aren’t any known suspects, but there is a description of the man and an, albeit poorly drawn, sketch of him.

In another article, on the Daily Post, Officer Ben Tobias said, “It’s too weird to make up. It’s a first for us.” This crime definitely encompasses weird. I’ve never heard anything like this in the news before. UF has encouraged women around campus to be wary of their surroundings and not to turn around if they feel themselves being urinated on. It blows my mind that such a thing could occur on a university campus, because I can’t even imagine something like that happening at USF.

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