New Record For Backwards Bowling

This Huffington Post article talks about Andrew Cowen from Rockford, Illinois who recently set the record for the highest score of backwards bowling. He scored a 280, which is only 20 points away from a perfect game of 300. Getting this score involves getting a strike in each of the first nine frames and three strikes in the tenth frame. Most people will never get anywhere close to this feat in their lifetimes. In the video that is provided with the story, Cowen is shown bowling backwards with his famous technique. It shows a certain twist move he does with his hand at the end. When asked if this was painful for his hand, he said it wasn’t any more painful than bowling normally. He beat out the previous World Record Holder, James Cripps, who bowled at 278 in 2006.

I think that this is just insane. I’m terrible at bowling in the first place, but I’d be lucky to break 100. Even people I know who are pretty good at bowling have never gotten a 280 bowling forwards. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to bowl backwards. Without being able to see where the pins are, how would someone even hit them all? This is just amazing to me. I definitely think this man deserves to hold the title for the Guinness World Record.


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