Apartment Clerk Mistakes Corpse For April Fools Prank

This article from the Huffington Post talks about an apartment complex in St. Pete. According to an article in Ronald Benjamin, a 61-year-old desk clerk at Peterborough Apartments in St. Pete, mistook a woman’s corpse for an April Fool’s Day joke. The corpse was a 96-year-old resident of the apartment complex that committed suicide earlier that morning by jumping off her 16th floor balcony. Benjamin was on a smoking break at 4:30 a.m. when he saw the body and thought it was fake. He said it looked like a rubber Halloween mask. He enlisted two people delivering the newspaper to help him throw the body into the dumpster. It wasn’t until 8:00 a.m. that a maintenance worker for the apartment, Johnny Williams, found the body in the dumpster and called the police. When they investigated, they found a suicide note and the stool she used to climb over the balcony in the woman’s apartment. The woman’s identity will not be released until her family is notified of her death. All the residents were shocked and upset at the loss of the woman, who had lived there for 20 years. They all thought she seemed happy there. Charges won’t be filed against Benjamin because detectives sincerely believe that he thought it was a fake corpse. Nonetheless, he was fired from his position of nine years.

Even though this story sounds weird at first, it’s actually pretty sad. I can’t believe that the old woman committed suicide in the first place. The fact that Benjamin mistook the corpse for fake in the first place is crazy, but the fact that three other people also saw the corpse and didn’t realize it was real is just shocking. Also the fact that this happened in St. Pete is a little unsettling.


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