Orlando Atheist Accused of Attacking ‘Jesus’ Roommate


Huffington post writes an article about an Orlando atheist who allegedly attacked his roommate because he looked like Jesus. Gustav Potthoff attacked his roommate Raymond Hernandez with a knife and class cup on Monday. The police report says that Hernandez was getting a drink of water in the kitchen when Potthoff suddenly threw the glass at him. When it missed, Potthoff attacked him with the butter knife instead. Hernandez avoided injury through both attacks. He told police that Potthoff apparently told him that he looked like Jesus. Because Potthoff is such a strong atheist, he was offended by this. 

When Potthoff was questioned, he changed his story several times, saying that he was in several different locations. However, police did find the broken cup in the kitchen, which has been collected as evidence. Potthoff is now in Orange County Jail. He demanded a lawyer who was also an atheist. However, this request was denied, and the judge said that this would need to be payed for under his own money. Clearly Potthoff is a little off his rocker, considering this wasn’t his first run-in with the law. In May 2013, he reported a fake bomb threat, because he felt his family and attorneys would not leave him alone.

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